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Common Questions

How do I choose the right window treatment?

The first step to choosing the right window treatment is knowing why you want window them. Are you doing it for aesthetics, privacy, insulation or light control? Determine a budget, this will help your designer narrow down the products available and make sure that you get the right solution for your window within a budget your comfortable with.

What is the difference between hard treatments and soft treatments?

Window coverings are available in many styles such as hard treatments which refers to shades, blinds and shutter as opposed to drapery, which is called soft treatments.

Can someone come to my home?

Of course. Our designers work directly with our clients in their own home for consultations to help determine the right service and project for their space.

What types of fabrics can I choose from for my window coverings?

Our decorators can help with identifying what fabrics best suits your project, from weights,textures, patterns and rub count for upholstery. You are also welcome to provide your own fabric for projects. Our seamstress will look it over prior to working and advise if we could have any concerns regarding the final look.

What are the benefits of motorized window treatments?

There any many benefits, such as security; with programming draperies and shades to open and shut at different times to give your house the look of someone home or away.

Motorization is especially helpful for functionality when it comes to opening and closing those those hard to reach windows. And one of the most important benefits, child safety; with motorized treatments it eliminates the hazards such as pull cords.

How much does it cost to reupholster?

With many different furniture types and styles it is very difficult to give an accurate price without measuring your furniture and depending on the fabric used. To get an estimate price for reupholstery content us to request an at home consultation or for send us a picture of the item with the dimensions of the piece.

Which fabric should I use?

It depends on your needs and style. If the fabric is for throw cushions, then light cotton would be recommend. If the fabric is being used on furniture that has heavy traffic then a good quality durable fabric, will wear well and last. It’s all about personal preference, wether is be you prefer patterns, certain colors, textures or if your all about the practicality; durable, maintenance, does it show dirt and lint or stains? Because the options are endless and overwhelming we work with you to advise and help you choosing the fabric that suits your needs and space.

Can I afford to hire an interior decorator for the my whole project?

Absolutely! At colour Studio we believe that hiring a professional can benefit in savings of both time and money. By hiring a designer it eliminates mistakes and stress that could occur if you tackle a project on your own. Our long-standing relationships with trades and suppliers allow us to provide you with the best knowledge of all products and biggest selection. We work within your budget to source products that you love, match your style and fit your needs. With our professional background it will allow us to find you the best deal, order the correct amount of materials and do the project in the most efficient ways.

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